Micah: Who is like God?

The men have launched into their next in-depth Bible study of the book of Micah.  If you are able and comfortable in attending this study in person, we meet on Wednesday evenings (non-holiday weeks) at 6:30 in the church basement.  If you are uncomfortable or unable to attend the men's study but want to be a part of it, we offer a live stream zoom meeting (same channel as Sunday worship).  Just log into the session from wherever you are and enjoy.  We have microphones and speakers set so that you can hear all the participants in the room and respond with your own questions and comments (when technology cooperates). If you just can't make the Wednesday night session, the written notes will be posted on this page.  If the zoom meeting records properly, I'll also post the video as it will contain discussion and question/answers not found in the written materials.  Our first session was on November 18th.  We covered the introduction to the book of Micah plus an introduction to how to interpret Old Testament prophecy.  We actually completed our study with the wealthy of information found in Micah 1:1.  Lord willing, we will be able to cover Micah in three sessions - each session covering one of the oracles or sermons Micah delivered.  Session 2, which is slated for December 2 (remember session 1 already happened) will be Micah 1:2 -2:13.  Session 3 will be Micah 3:1 - 5:15.  Then the last session will cover Micah 6:1 - 7:20.  Of course, as the men in this study are more interested in mining every bit of truth from each session, it is possible this study will consume more time than three more sessions.  (Just remember the last study the pastor affectionately called The Colossian Crawl.)  No matter how long it takes to get through the book, the main thing is that we spend the time in God's Word together and allow the Spirit to apply what we are learning to our lives.  If you enjoy ruminating on Scripture, please join us for this study, or whatever comes next. 

If you want to join us on zoom, the current link is below:

Fellowship Baptist Zoom Link