Sermons from the Quarantine

The last time Fellowship Baptist held a worship service was March 15, 2020.  It was the last day we could do so before our state began its quarantine.  Though this quarantine has proven to be controversial in terms of balancing public health concerns with first amendment rights and the Biblical teachings of church/state relations, we have taken the stand in favor of effective ministry and showing God's love means following the state guidelines (Romans 13) and considering the needs of the general population's well-being.  Our God is bigger and more powerful than this virus (or anything) and He is able to destroy it with a single word, yet He has not chosen to do so at this time so we will continue to trust that He's going to work through this time for His glory.  Though we all miss each other and our times of worship together, we will resume all our ministries as soon as we can do so safely.  According to the most recent statement, our county is due to open back up on Thursday June 4th.  This is one time when being a small church has its advantages.  If this date holds, we will be eligible to begin Sunday worship and Bible studies on Sunday June 7th.  Until then, Pastor Barry's sermons will be posted here for you to listen to or watch for your edification.  We are hearing from many people who are not part of our congregation but are listening to these messages and receiving hope and comfort.  It is quite possible that we may continue posting sermons and studies after the quarantine ends for the benefit of those who have found meaning through them.  If you are one of those people, please let us know this by shooting the pastor an email on this website.

May 31
Hebrews 12 - Living for the long haul
May 24
Exodus 11-12 - Leaving Egypt

The Men's Study has been a study of the End Times beginning from the clear passages of the New Testament.  There are notes available for the previous sessions which have more detail than the discussions.  These notes are available if you email the pastor.

May 27

These are the notes for Revelation 16-18. (There was an audio problem with the recording.)

May 20
Men's Study Session 9
Men's Study Session 11
June 3

This is our discussion of Revelation 19-22

May 17

This is our discussion of Revelation 12-15

You are complete - Colossians 1-2
May 10
A mother called by God - Luke 1:30-38
April 26
Is God with us or not - Exodus 17
April 12
A fresh look at the resurrection - Hebrews 7:23-28
May 12
Men's Study Session 8

This is our discussion of Revelation 8-11

May 3
Love beyond the rules - Galatians 6
April 19
Know God, Know Peace - Pslam 139
April 5
Palm Sunday
Getting the desired results - Luke 19-23

Please accept my apologies.  The opening illustration was not recorded.  It dealt with a man named Peter Seltzer who used his laser cutters to produce N-95 masks for medical workers in New Orleans.  He was going beyond himself in order to help others and also inspired others in the process.

March 29
March 22
Game Changer Matt. 27
March 29 - Luke 20-21
Authority Issues - Luke 20-21