Sermons & Studies

Sermons from the Quarantine

     Praise the Lord! We are meeting again in person for those who are comfortable doing so.  However, for those who are not ready to venture out, we have upgraded our infrastructure so that we can now offer the entire worship service and adult Bible Study on Zoom.   During the worship service, all participants on Zoom are muted but when we switch to the study, we un-mute the Zoom participants so that everyone is able to contribute to what the Lord is teaching us that morning.  Just a word of warning:  if the internet goes down in the middle of the service, we cannot do anything about it until after the service (or study).  While we believe we have everything working correctly before each service, things do pop up.  It's a good reason to come out in person, if you are able and comfortable doing so.

     If you are joining us in person (and we are doing everything in our power to make you comfortable in doing so), we have a simple request:  please follow the standard guidelines set forth to be indoors in a group of people.  Wear a face mask when you are within six feet of other people outside your family (unless you cannot wear a mask for other medical reasons - in that case you only need to wear it when you arrive and get settled.  Please sit six feet from others).  We have masks and hand sanitizer in supply by the bulletins when you walk in for all to use freely.  

     If you want to join us on Zoom, send the pastor an email and request the Zoom link.  We don't post it so that it helps prevent unauthorized use but we want everyone who wants to be with us on Zoom to have it.  If you are on the church's email list, you already have it.

     This page is a selection of past sermons from the past several months.  We try to keep the sermons up for at least one month, or longer, if requested.  Many of these are videos while some of them are texts (days before we have the new equipment or when we experienced technical difficulties). 

     We hope to see you soon, in person or on Zoom!

September 20
Acts 11 - God's missionary heart
September 6
Matthew 15: 1-20 - Church of the Holy Radiator
August 23
Matthew 25 - Are you ready?
August 16
August 2
June 7
September 27
Deuteronomy 2-4 - Lessons from God's kindergarten
September 13
Regaining your first love
Revelation 2:1-7 - Regaining your first love
August 30
August 9
Acts 2 - The key to church's victory
July 12
May 17
You are complete - Colossians 1-2